Reflections on Westside’s Budget

The past three weeks have given us an opportunity to reflect on our District as we announced approximately $4 million in budget reductions for the 2016-2017 school year. Following public comment during our Board of Education meetings, question/answer sessions during two town hall forums and feedback from hundreds of emails submitted through Let’s Talk, we announced our budget decisions during the March 21 Board of Education meeting.

As a result of community feedback and further internal discussions, we decided to reinstate the K-12 instrumental music position. With the help of local music leaders, we will take the next school year to study our program and look for ways to boost enrollment. We also heard concerns from our educators about the use of foreign language instruction software in our elementary classrooms. While we are eliminating elementary foreign language, we will not replace it with instructional software as we previously discussed. The other outlined budget reductions remain in place.

Going forward, we must work very hard to increase our revenue streams by working with the Nebraska Legislature, protecting our commercial property values, and developing partnerships with the Westside Foundation and other community stakeholders. We cannot solve our financial issues through budget reductions alone and will continue to look for ways to generate and increase our revenues.

We hope the outlook will improve through the work of metro superintendents with the Education Committee and the Nebraska Legislature. As I shared with our staff members a few weeks ago, we are following Senator Sullivan’s LB 1067. LB 1067 would eliminate the common levy for the Learning Community and fund open enrollment students as option enrollment students, similar to the rest of the state of Nebraska, beginning in the 2017-18 school year.

While we had to reduce expenses, we cannot stagnate as a District. We must remain competitive with our salary and benefits. Research tells us that strong classroom teachers and strong building administrators provide the foundation for academic success. We will do all we can to attract and retain the best and brightest. At the same time, the community support of the recent bond issue is providing the funds to improve our K-8 school buildings and upgrade security, safety, accessibility and electrical and mechanical building systems. It is important to remember that these funds are separate from our general funds and cannot be used for district operations.

Westside has long been known for its excellence and innovation. We must continue to innovate. Whether through personalized learning, authentic problem-solving, or technology integration, we are seeing positive results with our students as we prepare them to live and work in an ever-changing world. I am confident that, in spite of our recent budget shortfall, we can emerge stronger and better prepared to face future challenges. I am so proud of our employees and the work they do every day with our young people. We are all fortunate to live and work in a community that cares deeply about its public school district.