At the Start of a New Year

Similar to sandhill cranes that return to Nebraska each year, I feel butterflies at the beginning of each school year.  This is my 36th opening of school and each year has brought its owns excitement for various reasons.  In the fall of 1980 after moving to Ft. Myers, Florida, I began my teaching career.  The butterflies consistently returned but came in waves in 1993 when I first became principal of Grant Elementary School in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Although each year brings its own excitement,  it also comes with challenges.  The upcoming school year feels different to me because of the overwhelming support of a $79.9 million dollar bond issue by the Westside community.  I am so grateful to work in a community that understands the importance of public education and consistently supports the efforts of the District’s professional staff members.

I want to thank the voters who reside in our great District for this support. The community supported the District’s Facilities Master Plan, updating facilities that will improve the safety, security, and infrastructure of our buildings. We will soon be updating our safe areas, enhancing our security at school entrances, and improving our building systems, including heating and cooling systems. In addition, the District will build three new buildings and complete major renovations in two additional buildings.  These upgrades are important to the classroom experience and overall success of our learners.

The master facilities plan will be monitored by the District’s Bond Oversight Committee (BOC) over the next 15 years. The Board of Education appointed five members to the BOC with staggered terms.

Adam Yale       1 year term
David Cota      1 year term
Mike Williams   2 year term
Kris Karnes      2 year term
John Hughes   2 year term

John Hughes will chair this BOE committee during the 2015-2016 school year.  John served on the Facilities Task Force and was instrumental in preparing the 15 year Master Plan. The primary responsibilities of the BOC will be to monitor and evaluate the implementation of phase one of the master facilities plan approved by the Board of Education.  They will ensure that bond spending is  consistent with the Facilities Master Plan and aligned with the work voters approved.  They will review timelines, contingencies, and substantive changes to work or use of funds. They will  address issues or risks that may arise through the the course of updating our facilities. I encourage you to attend an upcoming meeting. Meeting dates are located on our District website,

Additionally the Board of Education hired Project Advocates, an Omaha firm, as the District’s  third party representative. Project Advocates will lead a process developing standards in the areas of functional programming, furniture, equipment, fixtures, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing systems, and other key building systems.  Project Advocates will also lead meetings that will inform the community of the many decisions required to successfully execute phase one of the Facilities Master Plan.  Finally, Project Advocates will create all bid documents and help the District analyze the bids to ensure that the best qualified companies are hired to complete design documents and  the necessary work in a timely manner.

The District finds itself with a generational opportunity to build new and refurbished facilities while at the same time transforming learning across the District.  Westside is in year two of a five year strategic plan focused on literacy, problem solving, critical thinking, personalized learning, and integrating technology in all classrooms.  The transformation of learning is grounded in a strong educational foundation that has operated in the Westside Community Schools for many years.

Last year I shared the following quote from John Gardner “Do we have it us to create a future worthy of our past ?”  It’s clear to me that Westside staff and community members do have what it takes to create a future worthy of our illustrious past.