The Next Generation of Westside Community Schools

McCann family photo 1

In our ongoing efforts to communicate with parents and other members of the community, I have established a blog to share ideas about public education and to provide information about the Westside Community Schools.

I’ll begin my first post talking about the future of our school district with a reference to the past. The picture that accompanies this post is of my great grandparents, sitting in front of the family homestead in 1909. Like many old farmhouses, throughout the years, it has been renovated and remodeled. My father purchased the homestead in 1966.  As part of his renovation, my dad decided to tear down all but the original cabin, built in the 1870’s.  He also kept some family heirlooms and furniture – items that were important to our family and our history.

I was reminded of the family farm when I wrote a paper outlining the future of our school district.  The document is entitled The Next Generation of Westside Community Schools. Among other things, it outlines my observations and recommendations about Westside as we look toward the future of our school district. We have many exciting opportunities ahead of us as we build educational experiences for our students.  To realize this new vision for the Westside Community Schools, we will need to work together.

As we embark on this journey, I want us to keep alive the values and the vision that make Westside unique. Just like the original cabin on my family’s farm, we need to identify and retain those programs and cultural ideas that are distinctive and important to our Westside community and its history.

Once we have identified what we value, we must review current programming to ensure that it aligns with our vision moving forward.  We may need to eliminate some programming to make room for other ideas that support the educational goals we have for our students. It will take discipline and open thinking as we work through this process, but it will be worth the effort.

I hope you will take a few minutes to learn more. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, it is available as an EPUB digital book at  A PDF copy of the paper is available at the following link